Got The Spotlight: Josh Dorr

I always think it’s an extremely cool thing when an artist, whether independent, unsigned, or well-known follows me on Twitter. I think what gives it that extra cool factor is that it allows me to check out new music that I may have not found otherwise, there is so much talent out there and so many new artists that it is hard to keep track sometimes. It’s amazing to me how much social networking can really come into play when an artist is trying to build a fan base.

A few days ago, I was followed by the very talented Josh Dorr and got to check out some of his music. He is incredibly good, so good that I thought he deserved a spotlight segment. There isn’t any denying that the spotlight wasn’t meant for him from the start. Josh grew up in the small town of Gillette, WY, he went to college where he also pursued football but while in the process endured many injuries, which led him down the path to finding his true passion in music and songwriting. Though it’s always hard to pick up and start again on a new path, Josh picked up and moved to Nashville, TN to pursue his singer/songwriter dream. In my opinion, it wasn’t a bad decision because he sure does have the ability to turn a song into a story and leave the listener feeling connected.

I’ve checked out his newly released EP of four songs (available HERE), as well as some YouTube videos and those on his Reverbnation profile. Taking a listen to some of Josh’s past work and then the EP I heard the pureness of his vocals getting better and better over time. I had first taken a liking to what I heard on YouTube, because if you are anything like me, I love hearing acoustic versions of anything. What I heard on there was nothing less than awesome, which will only help you imagine just how much more awesome the EP is. I had a chance to do a little Q & A session with Josh, and ask him about country music, artist influence, his journey to becoming a country music singer/songwriter, as well as what he has in mind for future goals.

GC: There are various other musical genres you could have chosen, but what was it about country music that drew you in?

JD: I chose country, because that’s how I grew up and all I really knew. My dad listened to a bunch of different kinds of music but I always loved the realness and the stories of country and how easily it was for me to relate to the songs. Country people are the best people in my book…so as far as music, I chose country, because there are no better fans than country fans 🙂

GC: Are there any particular artists that were of major influence to you, musically?

JD: My major influences changed with me as my life and experiences did. I grew up on a lot of Garth Brooks, Brooks & Dunn, George Strait. But then as I grew up I was introduced more into the rock stuff, by far my biggest influence I’d say is Tom Petty. I also, love bands like the Wallflowers, Ryan Adams, Foo Fighters and many others… thats where my rock edge comes into play with the country stuff that I write.

GC: Would you change anything about your journey to pursue the dream of becoming a singer/songwriter?

JD: Honestly I wouldn’t change anything about it, I think the lows and the rock bottoms are more important to a career than having nothing but success. If anything I wish I would have started playing instruments earlier, just so I was farther along in that aspect instrumentally wise. But other than that I wouldn’t change a thing.

GC: What are some of your future goals (what venues would you love to play, artists you would love to perform with, upcoming tourplans, etc)

JD: Future goals, put out my first single hopefully sometime soon. (we haven’t decided on a song or release date yet). I would like to get 5 major label cuts on outside artists. And besides playing the Opry or the Ryman, my dream venue would be Red Rocks in Colorado to play at.

Josh also told me that he is playing various shows during 2014 CMA Fest in Nashville.  Be sure to check our CMA Fest Survival Guide to find where he is playing.  For anyone who is interested in checking out his music and getting updates that they should add him on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. @joshdorr or @joshdorrmusic. I hope you get a chance to check out the talented Josh Dorr, I know I am looking forward to hearing some more great music from him in the near future.

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