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This Texan is no stranger to the music scene, rather JT Hodges spent a lot of free time growing up in his Dad’s studio, Jim Hodges Buffalo Sound. In fact JT was pretty much surrounded by music since birth. With his “Pops” having studied concert piano at Julliard and jazz composition at the University of Texas, and his mom, a very talented singer, gave up a record deal with MCA to pursue a calling to motherhood, it was only natural that JT would feel led to pursue something in music. We asked JT-

GCO: Growing up in a musical family, was it easy to be involved and make it your own, or were you ever nervous to share your talent with your parents?

JT: “Always easy. My folks allowed me to come into my own musically- encouraging, and supporting me every step of the way, still do! I was able to grow up in the absolute best environment for a young artist, I’m thankful for that everyday.”

GCO: Can you remember the first time you performed on a stage and how it made you feel? Did you know right then this was the path you wanted to take?

JT: “It was in the 2nd grade and I sang “Where is Love” from the musical Oliver. It was a high unlike any other, I just knew I wanted to feel it again and again. Even today, there’s no better high than being on stage to me.”

Country rockstar and family man, JT actually met his wife, Kacey, while living in Los Angeles for a few years, the two later relocated to Nashville in 2010.

GCO: How does being married and your family influence your music and your career choices?

JT: “They inspire me to make the best music I can possibly make, and be true to myself. Things always tend to work out for the best when you have that kind of love around you.”

Soon after moving to Nashville, JT caught the attention of some of the music industries best, and in 2011 JT signed to Show Dog-Universal Music, releasing his debut single “Hunt You Down” (a Billboard’s Hot Country Song Charter) from his album “JT Hodges”. His next single “Goodbyes Made You Mine” soared up the charts, while his music video hit 1 million views in record time. JT released another single off his debut album, “Sleepy Little Town” which was another success for JT, spending two weeks at #1 on Sirius/XM’s The Highway’s Countdown and it was in that year that JT was nominated as a semi-finalist for the 47th ACM New Artist of the Year Award.

GCO: What is the first country song that comes to your head as a favorite of yours and what does it mean to you?

JT:Unanswered Prayers” by Garth Brooks. Its crazy how life always takes you in different directions that you later discover were meant to be, and for the better.”

Speaking of life taking you in different directions, some might not know that not only will you find JT on the shelves of a music store, you can also see him on the screen. That’s right, in December of 2013 JT tapped into his acting talents and starred in Hallmark Films “Finding Christmas”. The made for tv film aired during the Hallmark Channel’s popular holiday programming schedule. It became the #1 rated movie of the week and scored a rave review by the New York Times for JT. In addition to acting in the movie, JT performed his rendition of the Christmas classic “Joy to the World” which later was released as a digital download.

GCO: Who of your country peers are you most influenced by musically right now?

JT: “I’d say Eric Church and Little Big Town. They come from a very soulful place with their music, and that’s something I naturally gravitate towards myself.”

In addition to being influenced by some of country’s greats, JT finds inspiration in the likes of Don Henley, Dave Matthews, John Mellencamp, and Tom Petty. Its this mix of inspirations that has given JT the soulful sound that we all have come to love and crave.

GCO: What kind of sound are we gonna hear in your new single “Already High”?

JT: “I’d say somewhere along the lines of: Contemporary Heartland Pop/Rock Country. (Yeah, I just said that)”

It’s no question that JT lives and loves making his music and loves giving the fans an amazing performance. Beyond his adoration of the stage, you will find that one of JT’s strong passions is his gratefulness to his audience and fans. Its this gratitude matched with his soulful talent that sets JT apart from the standard. You will find that his new music is a nod to his personality, a bit mysterious…

GCO: What is something your fans might not know about you?

JT: “I love horror movies”

It’s no mystery why JT is constantly winning over new fans. This man is making a name for himself by the sounds of his voice paired with his undeniable handsomeness. You’d be lying to yourself if you said you couldn’t look into those mysterious baby blues and not get caught up in the magic of his voice.  Be sure to download his latest single “Already High,” which was released today.  Fans can download the single HERE.

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