Got The Spotlight: Memphis Cole

Got The Spotlight: Memphis Cole

With a voice like Memphis’s, he won’t be Invisible for long! When singer/songwriter, Memphis Cole, followed my friend and fellow Got Country Online contributor- Kimberly and I on Twitter a few days ago, we never thought we’d stumbled upon one of Nashville’s very talented undiscovered voices. Memphis’s upcoming release “Invisible” proves that he’s got what it takes to make it in this industry, his talent says it all, and it won’t be that long before his name is recognized. Sit down and take a listen to Memphis’s distinctive southern sound and there’s no denying you will fall in love with it.


While Memphis states that he writes most of his music, “Invisible“, was written by one of his good friends, Dillon Dixon. At the time, Memphis was working with a label to debut an album when Dillon approached Memphis and said he had the perfect song for him. When asked what the inspiration behind “Invisible” was, Memphis said, “Invisible hooked me because its that moment where you find the person your in a relationship with irresistible, but they wouldn’t think they are viewed that way in the current circumstance they are in.”


Right after seeing Memphis’s name pop up under my twitter notifications, I quickly rushed to my computer to hear some of his music. I soon found his Reverbnation profile, where along with “Invisible“, you can find 4 other great songs. Amongst the other songs on Memphis Cole’s profile lies a hidden gem, “Never Thought I“, in which his vocal talent shines the brightest. Reason being, the vocals heard are strong and pure. If you’re anything like us, you just love the sound of a voice with an instrument as beautiful as the piano as an accompaniment. The lyrics are absolutely astounding in this one which talks about love, and also talks about heartbreak. But, the best part is it leaves you with knowing that he wishes the best for her, for her very own “fairytale”, to come true with someone else, while he remains the villain. This one goes straight to the heart of love and heartbreak all wrapped into one emotional barricade between two past lovers.


We got a chance to do a little Q and A with Memphis, We asked him:


GC: Who or what inspired you to sing?

MC: Clay Walker was my biggest inspiration musically, when I first heard him and saw him perform I knew in my head that I wanted to be just like him. I spent a lot of my time trying to mirror him and feel it only helped me when I finally found myself as an artist. My mom always wanted to be an Entertainer so I guess I got the vibe off of her.

GC: What’s your plans for this year? (i.e. releases, performances, tour, etc.)

MC: I plan to release some songs to iTunes etc. I’m gonna be playing some festivals over the summer, and a lot of songwriter rounds, would like to do a full band tour to several clubs around the U.S.

GC: What state or particular venue would he love to play in?

MC: Any state and any venue that has people who will come listen haha. Venues like Madison Square Garden are the ultimate goal in the long run.

We look forward to the release of “Invisible” due out on iTunes early this summer. Keep a lookout for Memphis Cole- we have a feeling he’s gonna be the next big thing!

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  1. This is the year Memphis! Always hoping for the best for you – long time coming and you deserve it. Terry.

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