Got The Spotlight: Noe Palma

Got Country Online first discovered Noe Palma when he opened for Kip Moore over the summer. With his pure voice, relatable lyrics, and endearing stage presence it was instantly obvious that he was one to watch. Recently Noe set down with us to tell us a little about himself, his career, and what we can expect next from him.


GCO: Tell us about your start in music, how old were you when you knew this was what you wanted to do?

Noe: I started singing at a young age. It was about the same time I started to talk, you’d think I’d be better by now huh? LOL! Both of my parents were musically gifted so I was surrounded by inspiration all the time. I was about 18 when I realized that I wanted to see how far I could go with music.

GCO: Who are some of your influences in the industry?

Noe: Some of my biggest influences right now that are in the industry are Keith Urban, Travis Tritt, and Justin Moore. There are tons more!

GCO: You have a fantastic band with you, take a minute and tell us about each of them.

NoeChris Thompson is my bass player. We call him “Fuzzy”. He’s been with me the longest in this group. He’s a superb companion on stage and he adds complex harmonies to our vocals.

Brandon Douglas is my drummer. All I can say is that he is a machine back there.

Patrick Woolam is my lead guitar player and harmony singer. His playing capabilities are unmatched in this area along with his stage performance.

Zachary Hord is my lead/rhythm guitar player. He is the diamond in the rough. He makes the whole thing shine bright!

GCO: The first time I saw you perform you were opening for Kip Moore at Hot Country Nights. It was an amazing night in front of an enormous crowd. It was also one of the hottest nights of the year. I have absolutely no idea how you got through that entire show without passing out, but you not only pulled it off you shined. Was that the largest crowd you have played for? Do you have any special memories from that night?

Noe: That night opening for Kip Moore was a hot one indeed! It’s easy for me to block out distractions like that when I’m so focused on performing. I just make sure I’m having fun. The biggest crowd we’ve played for was when we opened for Alabama at Sandstone. There were around 13,000 people. I’ll never forget that night.

GCO: Who else have you opened for or performed with?

Noe: I’ve been asked that question many times and honestly there are so many people that I can’t remember them all. (TERRIBLE MEMORY) In all honesty, if you turn on today’s country radio station, listen to about 20 minutes, I bet we’ve opened for at least one of the artists you will hear.

GCO: If you could put together a dream tour who would go with you?

Noe: Oh wow that’s a tough one. I’m sure I’d have Travis Tritt, Blackberry Smoke, Eric Church, Justin Moore, Keith Urban, Randy Houser and FGL

GCO: What’s your most memorable moment since starting in music?

Noe: Playing at the CMA Festival in 2008 was one of my most memorable moments. There were so many cool things that happened that day!

GCO: In addition to your music you are also a firefighter, how do you juggle the two?

Noe: With being a fire fighter and a musician there are some scheduling conflicts for sure but they always seem to work out. I’m very luck in that aspect.

GCO: You definitely appear to love being on stage, and gather energy from the crowd. Do you ever get nervous? Do you have a routine you go through before performing?

Noe: I’m always nervous before a big show for sure! As soon as I hear that kick drum boom it kinda all goes away, ya I’m weird like that. I really don’t have a routine per say. I make sure the guys are all set then I just sit down and zone out for a few minutes until they call me on stage

GCO: You have made yourself very accessible to your fans. Can you tell us why you have done this and how important your fans are to you?

Noe: I try not to consider them as fans; they are more like friends I haven’t gotten to meet yet! Without people liking my music you wouldn’t be asking me these questions, hahaha. Knowing that I’ve made someone happy with my music means that I’ve done my job. That’s all I intended to do from the beginning.

GCO: What can we expect next from you?

Noe: Right now I’m compiling new music for another album. I’m trying to get into the studio in January or February.

GCO: What would surprise your fans to learn about you?

Noe: I am a total neat freak at home. It drives Lauren crazy! LOL I also LOVE to COOK

GCO: Who are you listening to right now?

Noe: A My Little Pony doll that won’t shut up! It’s a Christmas gift. It talks on its own and it freaks me out!

GCO: What’s the best way for fans to keep up with you?

Noe: I’m always accessible on Facebook and Twitter. I love when “fans” send emails. I make sure to respond to everyone personally!


To Learn more about Noe Palma please visit his website.

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