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California native Sandra Lynn grew up listening to Shania Twain, Faith Hill, Jewel, Trisha Yearwood – artists whose music told relatable stories. It wasn’t long after graduation from Malibu, CA’s Pepperdine University that the theater and television major’s voice connected with producer/performer/songwriter/musician/composer David Foster.
Years before, Sandra Lynn had made a connection of her own – to Deana Carter’s “Strawberry Wine“, the first time she heard it played on the radio.

“She was singing about ‘the ‘hot July moon’ and the ‘green on the vine’ — all this vivid imagery that resonated with me on a very deep level. The loss of innocence in that song is so relatable. Whenever I hear it now it reminds me of times during my childhood when everything was more simple. That’s what I love about country music. The best songs are so powerful that they actually can define moments in people’s lives.”

Sandra Lynn has not only been singing since childhood, she started dancing at age three. Growing up, she entered dance competitions throughout her home state. Sandra continued to dance and was a choreographer in college and continued as a tap instructor after graduating.

“From the time I started singing and performing when I was seven years old, people have always been very complimentary about my voice and my stage presence. Not only has my passion and love for country music and singing made me want to pursue it as a career, but also people’s encouragement along the way has really been a driving force that has kept me going. Hearing such supportive comments has inspired me and led me to continue doing what I love; those have been the ‘biggest compliments’ for me overall.”

Her new self-titled EP was arranged and produced by Rascal Flatts Jay DeMarcus. Contributing songwriters included Lori McKenna and Brett James.

“I connected immediately with every song. Each one tells a very honest story, but in a clever way. ‘Life Like That’ feels like it could have been about my parents, high-school sweethearts who’ve been married 33 years, while ‘Stones’ is something I could really relate to being in a long-term relationship. Then there is the flirty, more playful song ‘Hangin Witchu,’ which shows my sassier side.”

The official video for the album’s song, “You Belong“, was recently released. It shows Sandra Lynn helping a young girl who is greatly upset by her parents’ arguing. She gives her a ‘break’ from the problems she’s facing by taking her on a car trip. She said the song is about “helping a person escape negativity, recognize their self-worth, and follow their dreams.” The video is well crafted, showing how we have to reach deep inside ourselves to truly lend a hand. As we help others, we open our eyes to what weighs us down and keeps us from achieving our own true potential.

Currently Sandra Lynn is writing new songs, collaborating with a number of writers in Nashville and Los Angeles. When asked what her favorite place to relax and write is, she replied,

“Sitting someplace that is peaceful where you can hear what’s going on in nature. For example, one time during one of my writing sessions in Nashville, my co-writer and I sat in the entryway of her house with the front door open as a rainstorm came through and we wrote through the rain. Once the storm was over, we went onto her front porch and continued writing as the birds reemerged and a breeze blew through the trees…It was a perfect setting for relaxing and writing.”

(Side note: personally I can’t wait to hear that song!)

With her busy schedule, what ‘guilty’ pleasure keeps her smiling?

“I’d have to say having fresh flowers in my house is a guilty pleasure of mine. I love to wake up each day and see a bouquet of flowers sitting on my nightstand or on my coffee table. I usually have them all over the house in different rooms—they just always brighten up the day and smell so good!”

At the end of the day, it is the simple things that bring the most pleasure in our lives. And Sandra Lynn is simply one of the rising stars of country music.

To learn more about Sandra Lynn click HERE.

Donna Block

Donna Block

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