JACOB DAVIS: “What I Wanna Be” video

Louisiana native Jacob Davis went back to his roots for his first official music video.  “What I Wanna Be” was shot in New Orleans alongside some beautiful scenery.  The video features Davis & his band while it follows a young couple throughout its duration.  It’s very well done and works well with the song – the song that has quickly become known as “the pancake song.” Give it a listen and you’ll understand the reason behind that…  Bonus: Fans of Davis will quickly recognize his trademark dance moves.



Stefanie Richardson

Stefanie Richardson

I was born & raised in Orlando, FL. I love living here, but my dream and goal is to be in Nashville sooner rather than later.. I grew up on country music and remember riding around in my dad’s truck singing along to Reba, The Judds, and of course King George. Pure Country was a movie that played often in our house. These days, I absolutely love following “up and coming” artists. Anyone who knows me knows that Cale Dodds is my favorite; and when he’s touring anywhere in the southeast, I’m at his show. I love everything about country music; the way artists appreciate their fan base, the loyalty the fans show their favorite performers, and how it brings people together. I can thank country music for allowing me to meet some awesome people, and some who have become dear friends.

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