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 It’s usually a good sign when someone asks if you’ve heard of an artist before, and you see that you’re already following that person. Not too long ago, that’s exactly what happened to me with Jesse Labelle. In this case, it was because of his songwriter background, as Jesse has played rounds at some of Nashville’s iconic venues including The Listening Room, and The Bluebird Cafe, alongside some of the cities most decorated songwriters. However, with one listen of Jesse Labelle’s upcoming single “Another You,” it’s easy to see why he is now a verified artist.
Cowritten with Logan Turner and Jason Vanover, the trio penned the song back in March, 2017 and brought on Sam Ellis to produce the track. Ellis himself has songwriter credits on albums by Hunter Hayes, Martina McBride, and Kane Brown to name a few; as well as production credits on not only Hunter Hayes albums, but many others! This is one multifaceted group of talents behind “Another You.”
The song starts with a mild intro and a gentle beat that will have you swaying from the first beat to the powerful chorus. After a list of things that could be replaced the sweet lyrics are sure to make any girl’s heart do a twirl, and any guy wanting to find that girl:
No matter how hard I try.. I know I’m never gonna find another kiss to come along and hit me like this. Makes me want to close my eyes and wish it would never leave my lips. Girl I can’t replace the little things that only you can do. You’re the one thing in this world that I couldn’t stand to lose. Cause I’d never find another, never find another you
After only a minute and a half of the song, just as the lyrics say, “you make me wonder what’s coming next…” The song has a way of making you hang on every line and every word wondering where it’s going, and in true songwriters fashion tells the story of ending up with the one you can’t live without.
When asked about the story behind the song and writing process, Labelle confessed it was written on the same day as he ended a relationship, and had this to say about it: “It was a dark day. Even though the song came from the same day. It sort of shows me, and I hope it shows you that even on the darkest of days the universe has a way of giving you just a little bit of light.”
That little bit of light is evidenced by his best friend’s true love story… “Another You” cowriter Logan Turner is getting married the day after the song is released! Congratulations to Logan and Marion; our GotCountry? crew is wishing you a blessed wedding day, followed by a lifetime of happiness!
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Kelly Hettenbaugh

Kelly Hettenbaugh

Growing up in upstate New York, I was the one hanging with the boys hunting and fishing that the country songs talk about. Driving the back roads to my grandparent’s house in the southern tier, I used to belt out Trisha Yearwood’s “She’s In Love With a Boy,” desperately wanting to be Katie and find my Tommy. I thought my parents turned it up because they knew I liked it.. I’ve since realized it was probably to drown out my less than stellar singing voice. Although a lot has changed since then, my love for country music has stayed with me. I now live in SW Florida and my interest lies more in the up and coming acts, and songwriters than it does the larger acts that are already successful. I love being the first to discover someone and watch their career grow as they find their way in today’s crazy country music world. Working five days a week- my weekends are spent at a show, doing something active outdoors, or catching up with friends. Since I get to enjoy FL everyday, my vacations usually revolve around music festivals or visiting my family back in NY :)

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