Jon Pardi’s New Album Will Represent The Past Four Years On The Road



Jon Pardi just knew he’d end up in Nashville one day, and in 2008, he finally moved to Music City with his guitar in hand and his dog, Bandit, by his side. Now, five years later, he’s set to release his debut album, Write You a Song, and he couldn’t be more excited.


“This album, it does represent the past four years we’ve been touring around playing everywhere — Mexican restaurants, stadiums, honkytonks, bars, car lots, conference rooms… I’ve been singing these for a long time, and I’m excited to get it out there,” says Jon. “It does represent some relationship stuff, some going through just regular life in general, meeting ladies on the road, saying goodbye to the ladies on the road, and it’s got a lot of everything in there from the past four years. I’m ready for people to hear it.”


His current Top 15 single, “Up All Night,” is from his forthcoming album, Write You a Song, which hits stores next week.


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