Josh Thompson’s Fan Club Knows How To “Turn It Up”

Sometimes our calling comes by form of a hobby, and that certainly happened with Show Dog-Universal Music artist Josh Thompson. Having started his career in construction at the tender age of twelve, Thompson sought an off-work distraction; purchasing a guitar when he was 21, his hobby immediately became an obsession. Thompson knew only three chords when he wrote his first song and soon they just started flowing out of him. Moving to Nashville in 2005 at the age of 27, Thompson continued working in construction while writing songs and learning the business; eight short months later, he had a publishing deal and began preforming on weekends to gain exposure.

Thompson’s original songs were catching ears of artists in Nashville; his first cut was the title track to Jason Michael Carroll’s album “Growing Up Is Getting Old”. Shortly thereafter, “Church Pew or Bar Stool” by Jason Aldean, “Tough Goodbye” by Gary Allan, and “A Man Don’t Have to Die” by Brad Paisley emerged on each artists respective albums. Securing himself a record deal in 2009 with Columbia Records Nashville Division, Thompson himself hit airways with his first single “Beer on the Table” off his debut album “Way Out Here” in 2010.

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But just because Thompson didn’t hit the airwaves until 2009 doesn’t mean he didn’t have an already growing fan base.

“Tina and I met Josh in 2008 for the first time at the Round Up in Davie, FL when he was the opening act for James Otto”, says fan Kristeena Chace. “He looked out into the crowd, took a deep breath and went for it. At first people were talking over him, but with the song that stole my mom’s heart, “Music’s Lost its Soul“, we all stopped and listened to his music. For us it was the beginning…he walked off stage and the first thing Tina said was ‘You got a fan club?’ and he replied ‘No ma’am’. She said ‘You do now’.”

The official fan club, The Chrome Bullet Crew, started in April 2010 under Thompson’s management and immediately the fans started to spread the word on Thompson during his opening acts for Jason Michael Carroll, Eric Church, Dierks Bentley, James Otto, Brad Paisley, and Luke Bryan, in addition to his solo performances. The fans rallied behind Thompson, voting and promoting him to radio and even as one of Country Weekly’s Hottest Bachelors in 2010.

“If Josh needs anything he knows that all he has to do is let one of us know and within minutes we all know. It can be requesting his songs to radio, voting for him in contests, promoting him to other fans online, at shows & in just everyday life” says member Amanda Maulfair.

Chrome Bullet Crew member, Tina, also had Josh’s famous chrome bullet guitar stand made just for him. Proud of Josh, his accomplishments and the FC’s commitment, she has no hesitation in telling the story –

“Howard, Josh’s sound tech, actually planted the seed, I drew up the plans (which thankfully the guy could read stick). I found the materials and a team that could actually bring it to life. I was lucky enough that the welder even let me actually do a couple spot welds on the bullet. She is a real 90MM shell casing and it is stamped 1978 (Thompson’s birth year), which was how I knew she was the one when I picked her. She has her own case to keep her safe and just like Josh she’s real, she shines & she’s one of a kind.”

When you’re at a Josh Thompson show be sure to look for the famous Chrome Bullet guitar stand and the fan club members under the same name. You’ll see them in the audience, singing loud and proud. Don’t hesitate to go up and say hello when you do;

“The Chrome Bullet Crew is the friendliest fan club for the best artist around” says Lila Lloyd. Agreeing completely, “Josh’s fans are die hard and dedicated. A lot of us have seen each other so much at shows we are now friends and we text each other and stay in touch on a personal level” adds fan Stacy Pearson. And chances are you may even get to meet the man himself. “He is such a down to earth, talented artist and makes you feel welcome at each show, whether it’s your first show or your 100th” says CBC member Cindy Vickery. Adds Chace, “He goes above and beyond when meeting fans to make the few minutes you have one on one unforgettable and very memorable for his fans of all ages.”

Check out “Tailing Thompson”, fan club based pages on both Facebook and Twitter, to see this amazing group in action, introduce yourself, and get all of the up-to-date information on Thompson’s news and events. Make sure to also ‘Like’ Josh Thompson on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

If you’re ready to join the Chrome Bullet Crew, you can sign-up at HERE.

One year membership, beginning at $10, includes:

  • Online access to fan club forums
  • 4 meet and greets
  • 8×10 Photo
  • Membership Card

For $18 you get all of that plus:

  • Exclusive fan club t-shirt
  • Unreleased track

Once you become a member, you’ll be amongst a group of very supportive and caring individuals who have a genuine love for Thompson.

“I have been lucky enough to be there from the beginning, in the audience when there were only three of us (because he was so new) at the radio station and so lucky to follow and see him go from a songwriter and turn into this amazing performer”, says Chace. “I can’t tell you how many shows I’ve seen but I can tell you, the number is not enough. As long as I’m on this side of the grass I’ll be telling the world about Josh Thompson.”



(Co-Written By: Aimee Graham)
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