Kacey Musgraves Is Enjoying Some Heavy Metal

Kacey Musgraves is enjoying some heavy metal – her debut single, “Merry Go ‘Round,” has been certified platinum, “Follow Your Arrow” and her album, Same Trailer Different Park, have been certified gold, selling more than 500,000 copies.

“Man, I’ve been so lucky from day one to be able to just do what I do and follow my gut and my instincts,” says Kacey. “I’m very excited to be able to represent country music right now.”

The Texas native recently took to her Twitter account to show her excitement about all of the certifications.

“Wow!! Just found out about Same Trailer going gold and Merry Go ‘Round going PLATINUM!! I can’t believe it. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!”

“Does this mean a gold tooth is now appropriate?”

Kacey is closing in on Top 30 with her latest single, “Keep It To Yourself.”

Kacey performs in San Francisco on Friday (August 8th) and then heads to Grand Rapids, Michigan to join the Prismatic World Tour Sunday (August 10th).

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