Kelleigh Bannen Takes On Christmas

Kelleigh Bannen released two Christmas carols today. (Friday, November 17th.) Kelleigh Bannen has one of those easy to identify, easy to listen to, and one of a kind voices. These carols are no different. Check out our thoughts on Bannen’s versions of “Deck The Halls and “O Holy Night.”

Deck The Halls

Bannen reinvents this song by singing with just the help of a guitar to back her up. With her powerhouse vocals, and the guitar she is sure to put you in the Christmas spirit! While this isn’t the traditional melody of Deck The Halls it has such a fun, bluesy, feel to it.

O Holy Night

Bannen starts the song with a nice beat before coming in with her killer vocals. While this carol steers closer to the traditional sound, Bannen still makes the song her own with a simple beat throughout the song.

The future is bright for Kelleigh Bannen! Bannen is one of those artists that could pick up the phone book, start singing, and make it sound so amazing. Make sure to follow Kelleigh on social media and grab your copies of Deck the Halls and O Holy Night on iTunes today!

Christine Tully

Christine Tully

I grew up in a small rural town in Ohio. I grew up on 90s country music with songs like Strawberry Wine and artists like Kenny Chesney playing on the radio. I grew up listening to only country music and to this day still do. If you ask anyone who knows me they will probably tell you, I am always at a show. People don’t typically ask what I have been doing, they typically ask “What was the last show you went to?” or “Who are you going to see next?”. My current favorites include Clark Manson and Drew Baldridge. There’s just something about knowing and believing in an artist and then watching people slowly fall in love with their music that will always attract me to this genre!

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