Lee Brice Surprises Small Nebraska Town With Super Bowl Commercial Shoot

Photo Credit: The Sentinel


On Thursday, the small town on Milligan, Nebraska were baffled when free Pepsi products started showing up in the town.


On Saturday morning Pepsi announced that Lee Brice was going to be performing for a Pepsi Super Bowl commercial.  The town which usually averages 200 people in population grew to an estimate 5,000.


Organizers chose Milligan because it’s the halfway point between Los Angeles and New York.


Lee was excited to sneak into town to perform the show.  He says, “It was cool to be able to keep it a secret even until we were able to get off the plane, get off the bus, come up in here and really keep it a secret as long as we could.”


Look for Lee’s Super Bowl commercial to premiere in programming surrounding this year’s big game on February 2.


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