Luckiest Kid Alive? See Who Alex Sings with Now

Well, he’s done it again. Last month we reported that 8 year old Alex lived out a dream when he got on stage to sing with Dustin Lynch. Saturday night in Tampa, FL he took a chance again, this time with the mega country music superstars, Lady Antebellum.

Alex sign

Alex showed up with a neon yellow sign and a bucket of determination. He arrived at the amphitheater early and proceeded to share his plan with all the girls around him. Loving his sweet charm, the girls rallied to help him. Originally, Alex wanted to sing “Compass” but the band opened with that song. It didn’t stop him from holding his sign high and proud. Several songs in, Charles Kelley noticed the sign. He gave Alex a thumbs up. The excitement was palatable.

Thumbs up

Charles announced there was a little boy that wanted to sing with them and brought him up during “American Honey” Alex looked nervous and started talking to Charles off the microphone. Laughing, Charles told the audience that Alex had a specific request and he would be back up during “Downtown“.

Alex and Lady A

As adults we let fear get in our way too often. Imagine what we could accomplish if those doubting thoughts were completely wiped away. There were many people, self included, that told Alex he had a long shot of singing with country musics biggest trio but he let that roll right off. Personally, I will take a reminder wherever it comes…..even in an 8 year old package.


Unfortunately the only video obtained was from a phone. Watch here:



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