Lucy Angel Releases Infectious New Single “Crazy Too”

Lucy Angel left the familiarity of their desert home ten years ago to chase a crazy dream. The trio, made up of mother Kate and daughters Emily and Lindsay, arrived in Music City with fierce determination. Almost instantly there was a buzz about them. They were different. Never before had a family trio delivered such electrifying energy to the stage. Their intricately blended vocals were upstaged only by their unique ability to connect genuinely with fans, on and off the stage.

Lucy Angel worked diligently building their fan base and choosing songs for their upcoming LP produced by Noah Gordon. They released their first single, “Crazy Too“, yesterday. The song debuted as a Highway Find on Sirus XM and is already  garnering chatter on social media sites. “Crazy Too” takes a lighthearted stab at a topic most women relate to. With its infectious melody and hook it promises to be a tune you place on repeat.

Releasing a new single and debut album didn’t seem to be enough for these Arizona girls. They signed up for a 13 episode docuseries entitled “Discovering Lucy Angel”. The series chronicles their journey from AZ to Nashville. The Anderton family is filled with colorful characters and this show will be wildly entertaining. Got Country Online was honored to be invited to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas to be a part of the final episode. The show will air on AXS TV in January.  Lindsay says,

“I can’t believe the timing of everything. We’ve been here for ten years. It just feels right, and that its all falling into place. The record is right, the single is awesome, and then the TV show. Its a really exciting time.”


Check out our interview with Lucy Angel….live from Paradise.



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  • December 4, 2014 at 6:24 pm

    Love this song and these girls. I cannot wait for more.


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