Luke Bryan To Release “Crash My Party” Deluxe Edition To iTunes on Tuesday

Luke Bryan will release the deluxe edition of his double-platinum album, Crash My Party, to all streaming partners and iTunes on Tuesday (August 12th). The deluxe version was originally a Target exclusive, and it’s being released to other retailers next week.

One of the songs on the deluxe version is “Your Mama Should’ve Named You Whiskey,” and Luke explains the title says a lot about the song.

“We all know how rough whiskey can be on you, and obviously this guy is getting pretty burned by her,” he says. “It’s cool, really cool song. I love the style. It’s kinda got that classic verse, and then when the chorus kicks in, it’s just big ole in your face rock, then it drops down to that cool, loping, kinda chilled out dancing cheek-to-cheek thing. I love it top to bottom.”

Crash My Party DELUXE track listing:
1. That’s My Kind Of Night
2. Beer In The Headlights
3. Crash My Party
4. Roller Coaster
5. We Run This Town
6. Drink A Beer
7. I See You
8. Goodbye Girl
9. Play It Again
10. Blood Brothers
11. Out Like That
12. Shut It Down
13. Dirt Road Diary
14. What Is It With You (Target Exclusive)
15. Sunburnt Lips (Target Exclusive)
16. Better Than My Heart (Target Exclusive)
17. Your Mama Should’ve Named You Whiskey (Target Exclusive)

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