New Artist Takes New Approach To Reach Fans

As social media, online streaming, and online media avenues are taking a hold of country music, fans have easier access to music than ever before! On December 18th Corey Michael hosted an invite-only, online, live Q&A session followed by an acoustic performance of two singles. By utilizing the YouTube Live platform Corey Michael was able to email guests a link to access the live stream, which allows for a chat forum for users who sign in with Google+. What was supposed to be a 30-minute event lasted well over an hour as Corey Michael made sure to answer every last fan question, including a few from GotCountryOnline! Without spoiling the exclusivity of this event for those special fans involved, a sample of the Q&As included:

GCO: How did you get started in country music?

CM: I got started when I was 12 years old playing with my dad’s band, and then branched out to do my own thing.

GCO: What is the most difficult part to being a musician?

CM: Finding time to write and record, and getting my music out.

GCO: Who are some of your current influences in country music?

CM: Definitely some of the newer singer/songwriters like Sam Hunt, Cole Swindell, and my friend Chris Lane.

GCO: If you could do a CMT Crossroads with anyone, who would it be?

CM: Ed Sheeran, Matchbox 20, Train, or John Mayer

GCO: What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

CM: I was a pro BMX rider in high school and college. I had a baseball scholarship but I broke my leg and didn’t fulfill the scholarship.

Although he did not fulfill that baseball scholarship due to a broken leg, Corey Michael did graduate from East Carolina University in 2011 with a degree in economics, and a minor in business; which he credits with helping him with agents, the lingo, and marketing in the country music business. Corey Michael’s first single “Carolina Summer Night” was released on iTunes November 2, 2014. During his post Q&A acoustic performance he also performed “This Ain’t Another Drinking Song,” his second single from his anticipated 6-song EP to be released in the spring of 2015. As Corey Michael told fans, he can play almost any instrument, and we can expect to hear him playing both the guitar and piano on the album, as he did on “Carolina Summer Night.” There is a lot to be excited about with this multi-talented singer/songwriter/musician in 2015- including a contest with GotCountryOnline to give away an autographed original set of hand written lyrics!! We are all looking forward to a new year, and this new artist!

Kelly Hettenbaugh

Kelly Hettenbaugh

Growing up in upstate New York, I was the one hanging with the boys hunting and fishing that the country songs talk about. Driving the back roads to my grandparent’s house in the southern tier, I used to belt out Trisha Yearwood’s “She’s In Love With a Boy,” desperately wanting to be Katie and find my Tommy. I thought my parents turned it up because they knew I liked it.. I’ve since realized it was probably to drown out my less than stellar singing voice. Although a lot has changed since then, my love for country music has stayed with me. I now live in SW Florida and my interest lies more in the up and coming acts, and songwriters than it does the larger acts that are already successful. I love being the first to discover someone and watch their career grow as they find their way in today’s crazy country music world. Working five days a week- my weekends are spent at a show, doing something active outdoors, or catching up with friends. Since I get to enjoy FL everyday, my vacations usually revolve around music festivals or visiting my family back in NY :)

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