New Music From Ashley Monroe Is On The Agenda For 2014



Ashley Monroe had a pretty successful 2013.  She got married to Chicago White Sox pitcher John Danks, in October. She also released her highly successful album “Like A Rose” in March.


Like A Rose spawned three singles and a popular duet with Blake Shelton.  So how do you top such a successful album? You bring back Vince Gill to produce your second album.


Monroe will be hitting the studio at the end of February to start recording.  The singer already has five songs picked out for the album, and has also been spending some quality time writing with Brandy Clark.


In a recent interview with, Ashley confirms that the new album will be solidly country.


“The thing is, I can’t be anything but country. Even if I sing an Aerosmith song it’ll sound country,” Ashley explains. “I’m just writing the best songs I can write. I asked Vince to produce it, and I was just talking to him about how I wanted it to sound and he said you know what buddy, let’s just let the great song speak for itself. And I said there you go, that’s right.”


There’s no official release date yet, but Ashley assures that she’ll do her best to make things move quickly for fans.


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