Reba Helps Spread Wellbeing Message With Activia Yogurt



Since its introduction to the US in 2006, Activia has been at the forefront of the digestive health conversation.  Now, the leading-selling yogurt worldwide* is embarking on a new campaign to encourage Americans to have a “happy tummy” and experience the many benefits of feeling good from the inside.


To help them on their mission to spread the “Activia Tummies. Happy People” message, Activia is partnering with three new “Activiasts”: leading multi-media entertainment artist, Reba McEntire, the respected health expert, Dr. Travis Stork, and world-class athlete, Laila Ali.


“Eighty percent of Americans experience some form of digestive health concerns, and Activia has become a convenient and delicious probiotic yogurt and digestive health partner for millions of Americans,” says Jeff Rothman, Vice President of Marketing. “Each one of our new spokespeople personifies the idea that when you feel your best, you feel as if there is nothing you can’t accomplish. We hope the ‘Activia Tummies. Happy People’ campaign will engage more people in taking care of their whole selves by understanding the connection between how you feel when your body is working as it should and your overall wellbeing.”


The “Activia Tummies. Happy People” campaign will come to life in several thirty-second commercial spots featuring the three spokespeople and their smiling tummies, airing on a variety of early morning, daytime cable and primetime shows. The campaign also includes high-impact print insertions within influential women’s health and lifestyle publications.


Activia helps with occasional irregularity** and contains an exclusive probiotic culture, Bifidus Regularis®. Activia is a leader in the global yogurt industry, and offers a wide range of products to improve digestive health. The product line also includes Activia Light, Activia Greek, and the newest variety – Activia Greek Light – that launched in December 2013. Activia Greek Light has all of the benefits of Activia Greek – zero percent fat, two times the protein of regular lowfat yogurt*** and all the digestive health benefits of Activia – with eighty calories. Activia is available in supermarkets nationwide, with a suggested retail price of $3.99. For more information, visit


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