SaraBeth Talks Music and Chasing Dreams

Even growing up as a small child in Dallas, SaraBeth heard her father stress the importance of visualizing goals. Her dad is an author and motivational speaker and used some of those same practices at home. He encouraged his children, SaraBeth and brother Jordan, write goals to place in a prime location on the refrigerator door. They looked at those goals every day, not knowing how impactful that exercise was until much later in life.

SaraBeth dreamed of being a famous country singer. Jordan dreamed of playing professional baseball. Both had lofty goals. Both are living their dream.

GC: What originally drew you to music in the first place?

SB: Frosty the Snowman was the first song I remember singing in front of people. Ive been singing as long as I can remember. An incredibly shy child, I finally overcame my fears enough to do a local audition in 5th grade singing “Heart Will Go On”. I was painfully nervous. When I was a bit older I began waitressing and it changed my life. I was forced to interact with people and it made me more outgoing. Suddenly I wasn’t as fearful. At the same time my brother had just been drafted to the St Louis Cardinals. He always followed his dreams and I decided it was time to go after mine.

GC: What does the song “Miss You Anywhere” mean to you?

SB: I had just gone through a tough breakup and this song was literally a page from my journal. I remember thinking I had two choices; to sit at home, be sad and eat cookies and cream right out of the tub OR I could travel and see the world.

GC: What do you draw inspiration from?

My brother is my biggest inspiration. He listened to my dad, visualized his dreams and then followed them with a lot of hard work. Life experiences inspire me and so does my family. I get inspired from the strangest things. It can be a billboard, a coffee shop.

GC: You’ve worked extensively with Lonestar. Who else would be interesting to work along side?

SB: I would love to sit in on a writing session with Taylor Swift. Her song, Red, is so creative while remaining relatable. She writes from experiences but brings them to life.

GC: How do you spend your free time?

SB: I love traveling and the highlight is an annual international trip during the holidays. I also scrapbook quite a bit and love to run.

GC: What is your favorite song that is currently on the radio?

SB: DONE by The Band Perry

GC: What has been a highlight of your career so far?

SB: Playing in the City of Hope softball game during last year’s CMA Fest. I was honored to be chosen and played along side people I had admired for years.

GC: What would you be doing if it wasn’t a career in music?

SB: Definitely something with kids. I taught In the Dominic Republic for a summer, speak fluent spanish and taught music to the kids there. It was such a defining experience and I made lifelong friends.

GC: Whats next for you?

SB: I am currently in the running to open for Carrie Underwood on July 4 through Its a huge dream of mine. Im currently in the top 10 and would appreciate any help to make this come true. Details are on my Facebook page.

SaraBeth possess a beautiful soul that comes through in her music and in way she shares her life with fans. Her Facebook page is an open book into her life and highlights motivational and sometimes the humorous parts. Her unique creativity bleeds through and she interacts with fans in a genuine heartfelt way. SaraBeth has said before that her mission is for everyone to walk away uplifted and encouraged. She believes life is too short to be negative and impacts that change on everyone that listens.

Kim Hooker

Country music has played a role in every chapter of my life. I find myself loving traditional sound but connecting to the lyrics and music of today. I have a deep appreciation for the songwriting community and am passionate about making sure their story gets told as well. Florida based but travel often, mostly to cover music events. Social Media Correspondent/addict, coffee lover and wino. Looking forward to taking this journey with you….

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