Scotty McCreery “5 More Minutes” Single Review

Scotty McCreery released “5 More Minutes” today! (May 4) The song is currently #2 on the iTunes Country charts and #10 on the All Categories Charts. With over 2 Million views on YouTube this song is sure to be a hit. In a current tweet Scotty says “I have never been so excited for y’all to hear a song I wrote. I hope when you hear it, it means as much to you as it does to me.”

Scotty wrote this song a couple of weeks after he lost his Grandfather. In his latest Opry appearance he shares that his Grandfather has never heard this song, but he knows that he’s proud of him. The songs talks about how when you’re going fishing, or have to be home by curfew you wish you had 5 more minutes. This emotional song will make you think of all the memories and people you wish you had 5 more minutes with.

“Time rolls by, the clock don’t stop, I wish I had a few more drops of the good stuff, the good times, aw but they just keep on flying right on by, like it ain’t nothing, I wish I had me a pause button, moments like those Lord knows I’d hit it, and give myself 5 more minutes.”


Check out Scotty singing “5 More Minutes” at the Opry:

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