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Seth Ennis has been making waves since his debut single “Woke Up In Nashville” was released late last year. Ennis saw the song quickly climb the charts on Sirius XM’s The Highway, and gained instant attention. This year, he has already opened for Florida Georgia Line and is slated for some other large tours. You may know a few of the names – Luke Bryan, Billy Currington, Kip Moore, Little Big Town, and Tim McGraw & Faith Hill… About a week before “Mabelle” dropped, Ennis surprised fans with the news of its pending release. I, for one, was thrilled to get more music from him! A little story behind the name – “Mabelle” was the name of the apartment Ennis and three other guys lived in when he first moved to Nashville. It was a one-bedroom apartment that had two sets of bunk beds. It’s where his dreams began to come alive – where he first woke up in Nashville, if you will.

– play it cool –

“Play it Cool” is a song about how a guy reacts when he runs into his former girl. He doesn’t know what’s going on with her at this point in life. Is she single? Is she taken? What would her reaction be if he kissed her? Would she take him back? Would she listen to all he wants to say? He is clearly not over her, but he is wondering how he can play it cool when she has his “heart on fire.” This track is a fun one to listen to, and a great way to start a fantastic EP.

– think & drive –

Is there anything more therapeutic than jumping in your car and just being alone with your thoughts? For me, I can’t think of many things that work better. “Think & Drive” is a song that I loved the first time I heard Ennis perform it live a year ago. He sings about jumping in his truck in the middle of the night when “she” is on his mind.

He always thinks & drives when he’s got her on his mind. He knows the pain that will come after the drive that undoubtedly leads to her house, but he’ll deal with it in the morning. Bonus – Ennis’ co-writer, Emily Shackelton, provides some powerhouse backup vocals!

– fast girl-

“Fast Girl” immediately makes you want to snap along to its unique sound. This is about a relationship that started out slow. Before he knows it she has moved on. It’s not typical of the girl he thought she was. He thought she liked slow dancing, and holding hands was enough romance for her. The more she tries to make him jealous, the easier it is for him to move on.

“Fast girl, fast girl, that ain’t that girl, that girl that I thought I knew. No, it ain’t like you to just walk away one day next day on to another dude. You doin’ things I thought you’d never do, like a fast girl. You got over me fast girl…”

– woke up in nashville –

This is, without a doubt, one of my favorite songs – not just on the EP, but of all time. Perhaps it’s because I dream of Nashville being my home. Perhaps it’s because it’s an amazing song. Perhaps it’s a mixture of both. Ennis shows just how talented he really is by playing all of the instruments on “Woke Up In Nashville.” He shows that be absolutely deserves to be waking up in Music City. Following your dreams doesn’t come without sacrifice, and that’s exactly what this song is about. He thought he had to leave his love to go and follow his dream. He soon realizes that the hard work and success means nothing unless she is there with him. I love the double play on words – he literally wakes up in Nashville because it’s his location, but also, it’s his realization that causes him to “wake up.”

If you’re able to catch Seth Ennis at one of his shows, I highly recommend it! He is one of my favorite artists, and a genuinely great person. Follow along on his socials:

Twitter & Facebook: @sethennis

Snapchat & Instagram: @seth_ennis

Written by Stefanie Richardson


Stefanie Richardson

Stefanie Richardson

I was born & raised in Orlando, FL. I love living here, but my dream and goal is to be in Nashville sooner rather than later.. I grew up on country music and remember riding around in my dad’s truck singing along to Reba, The Judds, and of course King George. Pure Country was a movie that played often in our house. These days, I absolutely love following “up and coming” artists. Anyone who knows me knows that Cale Dodds is my favorite; and when he’s touring anywhere in the southeast, I’m at his show. I love everything about country music; the way artists appreciate their fan base, the loyalty the fans show their favorite performers, and how it brings people together. I can thank country music for allowing me to meet some awesome people, and some who have become dear friends.

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