SINGLE REVIEW: Big & Rich “Look At You”



Big & Rich are back with a new single, “Look At You,” which will be from their fifth studio album, entitled, “Gravity.”


This is one of those songs I listened to more than once right away because it was extremely catchy. This song showcases both the vocals of John Rich, and Big Kenny and in my opinion is definitely stronger and better than their previous releases. I liked their harmony throughout the song and what drew me in to the song was the opening lyrics, “Baby when I look at you with them baby blues cutting right through me, you set me on the rewind back to the good times when you couldn’t get enough of me…” I can definitely see this one being a big hit for the duo.


We haven’t heard from Big & Rich since the last previous single in 2012, “That’s Why I Pray,” which reached Number 24 on the charts. I definitely believe that this is going to be some of their best music in years, definitely worth checking out!


Look At You” is currently available for download HERE via Amazon and iTunes.


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