SINGLE REVIEW: Billy Ray Cyrus “The Distance”

When I say the name Billy Ray Cyrus it may bring you back to 90’s country, “Achy Breaky Heart“, and yes, of courseā€¦.mullets. If you are anything like me, you grew up in a house where country music pretty much reigned the household as the top music choice, and you are familiar with Billy Ray and the famous “Achy Breaky Heart” video that was played and replayed on TNN.

I couldn’t help to be reminded of this as I sat down and gave a listen to “The Distance,” which is Billy Ray’s previously unreleased title track off of the new Icon Greatest Hits album, “The Distance”. Taking a listen to this helped bring to light just how far from the 90’s Billy Ray has come, with much distance between the artist he used to be to the artist he has become throughout the years.

If you take a listen to his previously released music, you will realize that the music has evolved over the years. This single sheds light on a broken relationship and what it’s like to feel not only the space between the two people that somehow became a huge gap, wondering if there is a way to make it all better again by reaching far, treading the path, and reaching the distance to healing, and to love again.

There’s a lot of space between us now
Got a lot of ground to cover
I know we can bridge this gap somehow
And find comfort in each other again
As I wander round this empty home
The silence makes me shiver
Cause’ I’m just made of flesh and bone
Trying hard as hell to deliver
On the promise we made to each other in the pouring rain
Be your shelter, be your cover
But the question remains,
Can we go the distance?

If you’re a Billy Ray fan, check out this single and send us a tweet to let us know what you think!

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