SINGLE REVIEW: Blake Shelton’s “Lonely Tonight (feat. Ashley Monroe)

If you had a chance to catch the CMA Awards you saw and heard a performance of ‘Lonely Tonight,‘ by Blake Shelton, a duet with Ashley Monroe. The way these two sound together vocally is genius, it’s above and beyond your typical duet. What makes this one particularly good is the way that Blake can hold his own on any song he sings, and Ashley has the power in her voice, that together creates something above and beyond a pure sounding song. The lyrics to this one will resonate well with anyone who has ever felt lonely at night, just needing and craving the touch of another beside you. A friend once told me that music is what feelings sound like, I think that proves to be true with this one.Especially when you know you shouldn’t fall for it again, yet you make that choice for one night and hence, the music puts in to words exactly how you are feeling inside:

We don’t have to be lonely tonight
(Need you, want you, I’m right here)
We don’t have to be lonely tonight
(I know we shouldn’t but I don’t care)
I don’t wanna be right, I don’t wanna be strong
I just wanna hold you ’til the
Heartbreak’s gone
When the sun comes up, we can both move on
But we don’t have to be lonely tonight

I highly recommend a download of this one, whether you’re single or you’re not you’ll still know the feeling of being “lonely tonight,” at some point in your life. Life itself can be a heartbreaker, but it always helps to have someone beside you to carry you through. The song is available to download HERE.  Take a listen, it’s a good one.



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