SINGLE REVIEW: Brooklyn James ” Slow & Steady”

Carrie Underwood sings (in “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted”) about what my own heart instantly found to be true three plus decades ago when I looked into my newborn’s eyes for the first time–

I finally found what I never knew I always wanted I couldn’t see; I was blind ’til my eyes were opened I didn’t know there was a hole Something missing in my soul ‘Til you filled it up with your love.”

Motherhood. Your heart beats outside of your body. At times it’s a 24/7 roller coaster ride, peaks of the highest highs and valleys of the lowest lows. Still we wouldn’t change a thing. We try to be the best parent while juggling life’s constant demands.

Then all too quickly that baby we cradled so tightly in our arms is an inquisitive child who tests our limits. Long before we are ready we have a teen itching to be independent. Did we miss any ‘Kodak’ moments?

Singer/songwriter Brooklyn James addresses the all too real struggle parents face in her latest single “Slow & Steady”,

I don’t know about all of you other moms (parents in general for that matter) but Slow & Steady seems to be my motherhood mantra. It seems to be the only way I can get it all done—managing family and career. Slow & Steady, a new concept for a once impatient, unattached, eager beaver.”

Brooklyn knows, as she watches her young daughter, what is really important, “In the words of Aerosmith, “[We] Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.” Attempting to wrangle time, live and breathe in the moment, be present with and really see her, everything seems to slow down…except for her growth.”

 Watch the song’s video here “She took her first steps last week, I cried, saw her whole life flash before my eyes. For a little while she’ll be mine, too soon, you’re killing me time. Slow & Steady she goes…”

Donna Block

Donna Block

I’ve been privileged to write album reviews for Got Country Online since 2012. John Berry,John Michael Montgomery, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Alan Jackson their music caught my ear, their lyrics caught my heart. Country music is my go-to, whether my day is great or not. I love to crank up old and new tunes, kick back and enjoy!

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