SINGLE REVIEW: Carissa Leigh “Bad Boy”

Calgary, Alberta, Canada native Carissa Leigh’s debut single, “Bad Boy, was released last week on iTunes. Now here is a song that will resonate everywhere with single women of all ages.  A woman may say she wants a good man, but it’ll be a bad boy who tugs the hardest at her heartstrings. Guess it’s really all in how one defines good verses bad.


Now, men, know that you will learn a thing or two about women here. Have you ever wanted to be with a woman you “never have to ask if you wanna”? See, got your full attention. Carissa Leigh made sure everyone can relate saying, “I think every boy wants to be a little bit bad”. 


From the opening guitar riffs to sing-along-with vocals, the song should do very well on country radio. The video will be released this month on VEVO. It wasn’t just the breakup with a fellow AP French student that turned her to ‘bad boys’ (read her online blog entries The Boy Who Cried Over Roast Beef, parts 1 and 2). Her songwriting “comes from her experience as a young mother, a traveller, and her understanding of love, loss and moving on”.


Carissa has been inspired by country music legends, played her first piano recital at age 3, is an internationally known choir singer, and a published photographer. Oh, and she studied anthropology (and trained in Pacific Islands musical traditions) in college in Hawaii before returning home to raise her young daughter Kennedy.

Bad Boy” is currently available HERE, via iTunes.

Donna Block

Donna Block

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