SINGLE REVIEW: Casey Donahew Band “Lovin’ Out Of Control”

Casey Donahew Band headlined the Texas Tailgate at NYC’s Terminal 5 venue this past February. If you, like me, missed an opportunity to see the band, their single, “Lovin Out of Control“, will give you a inviting tease of what the Casey Donahew Band can bring. I’ve heard Casey referred to as a Texas tornado which will work well when he begins touring with Kevin Fowler later this year,

The latest single from Casey Donahew Band is “Lovin Out of Control” displays exuberant and skillful guitar, clean polished vocals, an inviting rhythmic intensity making it a good song for a partner dance.

Every night in my arms Lovin Out of Contol.
I’d give anything for one more last chance for Lovin Out of Control.
She was a Mustang flying down a freeway. I was the open road.
And who amongst us hasn’t once wished for that one more last chance.

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