SINGLE REVIEW: Chasin’ Crazy “That’s How We Do Summertime”

If you aren’t familiar with Chasin’ Crazy they have just been signed to RPM Entertainment. One look and you’d think they are just another “boy band,” in the country genre, but, what you don’t know is that they play all of their instruments.

The band is comprised of five guys: Jimmy James Hunter, Landon Parker, Forest Miller, Travis Fincher, and Creigh Riepe. They will be releasing their single, “That’s How We Do Summertime,” on May 5th, 2014.

At a first listen, this track had some impressive vocals, very deep and pure. These guys also really know how to harmonize, I think that’s what really pulls this track together, not to mention the lyrics are pretty catchy, this one could very well possibly become a new summer anthem.

Be sure to check these guys out, I can see them being popular with the tween country following. After all, Roughstock has already named them “One to Watch” in 2014.

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