SINGLE REVIEW: Chuck Wicks “Saturday Afternoon”

Chuck Wicks is magnetic. He is a singer and songwriter and on air personality with NashFM America’s Morning Show. If you want to know him better, check him out with Blair Garner and Terri Clark on air. According to America’s Morning Show, Chuck is the Leader of the Idiot Parade which is the show’s endearing term for the man who they claim still has a 12 year old quality about him. And by this, they are referring to his affable charm, quick wit and sense of humor. It’s a good thing.

The handsome man from Delaware, now residing in Nashville, hit it big with “Stealing Cinderella” and continues his musical rise with a new single, “Saturday Afternoon.” Signed with Blaster Records,Wick’s playful personality shines through in the lyrics to the self penned “Saturday Afternoon” off his Rough EP. It plays well to the ladies and certainly won’t offend the men.

I feel like the whole wide world is shining down on me
Right off a county road 7
With a little piece of heaven
Her eyes and the sky
Just as blue as can be

Feelin kinda crazy
Im just chillin’ with my baby
On a Saturday

Man I think it’s crazy
But I think I found my lady
And I think she feels the same way too
Oh ya

Hit the quick sack
Grab the six pack
And when we get there
I can’t wait to a have a sip of that
And she’ll be looking so good
There sittin’ on that hood
My little kiss and tell
Aw hell

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