SINGLE REVIEW: Craig Morgan “We’ll Come Back Around”

‘Everyman’ ‘American’ Craig Morgan is a Tennessee native who has lived an interesting life. EMT, contractor, sheriff’s deputy, Walmart assistant dairy manager,
Army paratrooper in both the 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions, military songwriting contests, the Reserves, family and more. He released his self-titled album in 2000, I Love It in 2003, My Kind of Livin in 2005, Little Bit of Life in 2006, in 2008 That’s Why and This Ole Boy in 2012.

Craig has just released a new single “We’ll Come Back Around“. The song was written by Brandy Clark, Jessie Dillon and Trevor Rosen and is off Craig’s The Journey (Livin’ Hits) CD. “We’ll Come Back Around” is one of four new songs on his second greatest hits CD which was released by Black River Entertainment on September 3, 2013.

From first listen, I liked the song. A lot. Love that bit of gravel in Craig’s voice. It is smooth and rough all that the same time. When Craig sings, it is always easy to
understand what he is saying. And “We’ll Come Back Around” is so direct and straight up honest. No innuendos. It is real. When we get mad at each other, every once in a while, we get mad as hell. But no matter what, I always love you and you love me. And no matter what, in the end that love, that bond, brings us back together…”We’ll Come Back Around“. Nothing is perfect. But some things, some relationships, are perfectly imperfect.

‘Cause I know you love me
When you hate me
Baby I ain’t gonna let it phase me
Right now we’re just a
Circus leavin’ town but we’ll come back around
This ain’t the worst we’ve seen
Ain’t the first bad dream
Ain’t the third world war
Every once in a while we just gotta get out fight on
You say you won’t come back
I say amen to that then I lock that door
But I know you got a key and I’m gonna leave a light on
You know I love you
When I hate you
You show up girl
You know I’m gonna take you
Baby even the moon and the sun got their ups and downs
We’ll come back around

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