SINGLE REVIEW: Dallas Smith “Wastin’ Gas”

Dallas Smith follows up “Tippin’ Point” with his new single “Wastin’ Gas” which was released on October 28 and is his debut single to US country radio. Dallas is a Big Loud Mountain/604 Records(Canada) artist who is produced by Joey Moi (Florida Georgia Line, Jake Owen). “Wastin’ Gas” will be featured on his 2nd studio album on 604 Records, Lifted, as well as his next US EP.

The chorus of “Wastin’ Gas” tells the story of that feeling where it doesn’t matter where you’re headed as long as you’re with that young love of yours.

We’re just wastin’ gas, woah
Blurring them dotted lines
Killing all kinds of time
Baby, like we ain’t coming back, woah
Steal a kiss, maybe two
Pull it all for a few
And hang as long as I can
You know I don’t give it a damn
If we’re just wastin’ gas

The song reminds me of those good ol’ days in late high school and early college years where you’d just go drivin’ around with that boy you were dating on the back roads just enjoying the view and the guy next to you with no cares in the world or destination in mind. Of course back in the days I was doing that, gas was cheaper, but the song does come out as US gas prices are the lowest they’ve been in a while at least!

Wastin’ Gas” has that fun and fresh feel while still being a love song that country radio will eat right up. I’m sure this song will continue to make Dallas a name to know in country music in the US, like he already is in Canada.

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