SINGLE REVIEW: Dom Colizzi “Last First Kiss”



I stumbled upon Dom Colizzi on iTunes in the Country New and Noteworthy, and I am so glad that I did.


Dom Colizzi is a 21-year old independent, and unsigned artist from Maine and let me just say he is multi-talented and skilled on guitar, piano, and drums as well as singing beautiful notes and melodies. From the wonderful sounds of piano in the track “Last First Kiss,” to the incredibly impressive vocals. Everything from the tone of the song, to the instrumental parts within leaves the feeling of warmth in your heart and a lasting impression on the soul. Reason being, he can hit those notes with impressive skill that could for sure knock others right out of this category. His voice runs right through you, it is so pure.


I have to say that I haven’t been this impressed by the vocals of someone in this age category in a while. It’s absolutely breathtaking, and definitely worth checking out. I have faith that Dom will get signed, amazed that he isn’t already. He has a very successful career ahead of him, not to mention, the girls are going to go fan-girl crazy over him…He’s a charmer! The lyrics will ring true in hearts everywhere, “but the love between you and me, nothings greater than this girl I’ve loved you till you were my last first kiss.” Thanks Dom, I look forward to hearing more from you in the very near future!


Be sure to pick up his EP titled, “Love Struck,” which hits Itunes in Spring 2014, also check out his videos on Youtube and also check out other music on ReverbNation.


Last First Kiss” is currently available HERE via iTunes.


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