SINGLE REVIEW: Dustin Lynch “Where It’s At (Yep Yep)”

If ya wanna know “Where It’s At (Yep, Yep)“, it’s here. Dustin Lynch follows his hits “Cowboys and Angels“, and “She Cranks My Tractor” with a tune that is sure to get some heavy rotation on country music radio. “Where It’s At” leans more country pop, radio friendly.

It is not in the fashion of traditional country as were some of the first album’s cuts. But, “Where It’s At” is memorable and addictive both lyrically and melodically, yep yep, with a very different spin from “Cowboys and Angels“.

The single, written by Cary Barlowe, Zach Crowell and Matt Jenkins on the Broken Bow record label, still allows Dustin Lynch’s voice to blaze through strong, distinct and unique. His voice is smooth even at its low register. It rolls out and into a song without hitting any bumps. It has a rich tone that manages to emote sexy, fun and down home traditional country at the same time. “Where It’s At” comes at you as that happy medium able to reach different country music fan bases without alienating any one of them.

Where It’s At” is about loving a girl for all her unpretentiousness. Her simplicity. Look for the single to impact radio on March 31st.

“It ain’t in a highrise looking for a good time

shooting down the city lights

as good as it gets

no matter where it is

it’s 2am when shes freezing cold…faded shirt… hair down… ball cap…

sweet little something late nite kiss

thats Where It’s At”

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