SINGLE REVIEW: Easton Corbin “Clockwork”



“I’m very, very excited to have new music out for my fans now,” Easton Corbin said in a statement about his new single. “A song like ‘Clockwork’ is a good reflection of my country roots and it shows that I’m growing as an artist.”


Easton’s new single, “Clockwork,” was written by Carson Chamberlin, Ashley Gorley and Wade Kirby. The song offers a role reversal where the male in the story keeps repeating the same mistake with a woman every Friday night; when she calls, he answers. Even though he knows what the outcome will be, “I crash/I burn/You leave/I hurt,” he keeps hitting “rewind” and letting her in.


“I see a freight train coming, I just stand there on the tracks girl

Somebody be getting rich if they were placing bets

On me thinking no, no, no

Always saying yes

You call I say hello, You knock I’m letting you in

You say you’ve missed my lips, We kiss here we go again

Your dress my shirt, We love, I live and never learn”


Easton’s traditional voice delivers the lyrics honestly. So much so, that by the end of the song I couldn’t decide if I felt sorry for him or I wanted to shake him and say “wake up!”  The melody is likeable and contemporary, and should fit nicely into the current country radio landscape.


Clockwork” will be on Easton’s upcoming third album which is to be released sometime later this year.


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