SINGLE REVIEW: Gloriana “Best Night Ever”



3-2-1 … let’s face it, no matter what it is for, when there’s a countdown, we’re all glued. With our listening ears firmly on, Gloriana primes us for fireworks with the opening of “Best Night Ever, their latest single (released last month).


The song’s title sets some lofty sights. This is the best ever? Is that good, doesn’t leave much to look forward to … Yet the song plays with our emotions and takes us back to a night, when expectations were low or nil, but oh my, aren’t we glad we didn’t stay home?


From the simple comes the complex. You walk up for a drink, but end up in the clouds. No cheesy pickup lines like Joey’s (from the TV show Friends), “How you doin’?” Here are two real people whose lives crossed paths and are savoring the point of intersection (lives, crossed, lines, crossed, point of intersection, math – we could also talk about chemistry and combustible reactions – but back to the review).


Instead of coming on stronger, the music softens and the two realize there’s most definitely something special here. The tune captures the essence of that moment when love clicks – no matter your current relationship status, you can relate.


And share too – the band has posted a Best Date Ever contest on their webpage. Fans can share on Twitter and Instagram using #bestdateever to win a Valentine’s Day date on the band (VIP tickets to see a Gloriana show of their choice, $250 clothing retailer Maurices gift card and a $50 Visa gift card).


Gloriana will join Rascal Flatts on their  Rewind Tour 2014 (kickoff date is May 16), along with Sheryl Crow. Expect to hear this song along with their past chart climbers, “Wild at Heart“, “(Kissed You) Good Night“, and “Can’t Shake You“.


The band is currently working on their third studio album, but in the meantime download “Best Night Ever” via iTunes and Amazon HERE.


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