SINGLE REVIEW: Granger Smith “Bury Me In Blue Jeans”

Regardless of which parts of social media you belong to, you should be familiar with the Cloyd Rivers-type character Earl Dibbles, Jr. The famous catch phrase “Yee, Yee” along with country quotes such as this…

Earl Dibbles

… can be seen throughout Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Many of you may also know his stage-sharing counterpart Granger Smith. But how many of you knew that Earl and Granger are actually the same person? It’s okay if you didn’t. That has been a recent discussion at GCO, whom he always remembers because the ‘?’ in our logo.


A ballad with soft, humble voice and tantalizing guitar strums, the new single Bury Me In Blue Jeans comes from his 9th home-recorded album Dirt Road Driveway which debuted at #1 on the iTunes Country Chart and became the #1 selling independent country music album in 2013. Granger takes great pride in his simple, down home lifestyle and you can see it in his music. “Bury Me In Blue Jeans”seems to be a perfect description of his life, something he never wants to stray away from, even in the traditional way of death. Don’t put him in a fancy suit and show him off to the world. Bury him in what he’s known for, old blue jeans and pearl snaps. GCO fans, what would you like to be buried in?


I know, I know that’s so far to go

Got the roots of an oak and a tumbleweed soul

When my time’s up all this good ol’ boy needs

Is to bury me in blue jeans.


Something faded and worn in the knees

Fits like a glove and frayed at the seams

And throw this old guitar in there, please

When you bury me in blue jeans.


Because the success of his latest album launched him into a national touring act, you should be able to catch Granger & Earl at a show near you! Check for tour dates and follow along on twitter using @GrangerSmith and @EarlDibblesJr. YEE YEE!


Danielle Mercer

Danielle Mercer

Born and raised in Summerville, SC I am all too familiar with small town life. I guess that may be why I connect so well with country music. Many would say I live and breathe music. I am considered one of the top people to go to for new music suggestions. They call me the country music fairy. I’ve seen most of the big acts but my new love is following all the up & coming artists. I’ve had a hand in bringing a lot of newer artists through my favorite local bar, Montreux. In those rare moments when I’m not indulged in country music, you can find me spending time with my fur kids, renovating my house, hunting/shooting, or stuck at my regular job.

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