SINGLE REVIEW: Granger Smith “If Money Didn’t Matter”

Granger Smith is the #1 Selling Country Indie artist and he is back with a new single release, “If Money Didn’t Matter,” which is set to be released nationwide on April 28th. Not only is Granger Smith the #1 Selling Country Indie Artist, but, he also released the album Dirt Road Driveway on April 16th, 2013 and it has reached #1 for an independent country music album for total digital sales.

Granger sure does have a great fan following already, 20 million YouTube views, 200 tour dates nationwide, and a 1.5+million social media following which seems to be growing larger every day, not to mention it’s a high honor for him to have already sold over 1 million digital singles. Some of you may be familiar with his “country boy” alter-ego Earl Dibbles Jr. which boasts many “Dibble-isms.”

I’m not surprised if this new traditional country single, “If Money Didn’t Matter,” also becomes a hit for him. The song’s lyrics bring to light the country boy life and also the reality that money can’t buy the memories of going home at night and falling into the arms of someone you love.

We could still take a trip to the lake
Count the stars off my old tailgate
Oh, a billion bucks can’t buy that kind of stuff.

Cause you can’t buy going home at night,
Pulling in a dirt road driveway
Falling in the arms of the girl you love.
I know who I am, I’m a rich man
Every single day
Because if money didn’t matter
It wouldn’t matter anyway.
No, if money didn’t matter
It wouldn’t matter anyway.

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