SINGLE REVIEW: Gretchen Wilson “Chariot”

Soul sounds and jazzy vocals lead into a gospel like rendition of “Chariot” (Gretchen Wilson’s latest single). The song is a celebration of faith and God, similar to Carrie Underwood’s “Something In The Water.

In honor of the tenth anniversary of the release of Grethcen’s #1 Here For The Party album, she recorded live versions at The Pageant, a St. Louis nightclub. Redneck Records will release Still Here For The Party (CD and Blu-ray/DVD of the St. Louis concert) on October 27.

All the songs from the original album are included, plus two bonus tracks. You can watch the single’s music video (from the STILL Here For The Party concert) on CMT now.

When God the Father’s done his final accounting
When it’s all over but the shoutin’
And I find out that I made the cut
Boys I’m gonna get me a chariot
Yeah a big gold eagle on the hood
Now here’s a little story happened long ago
One day Ezekiel went out for a stroll
Walkin’ by the river low and behold
Down came 4 angels in a Cadillac gold
Trans Am chariot
So they scooped em up, the rig was souped up, man it had TV’s inside
He said “swing down sweet chariot come on and give me a ride”
Ol’ Zeke was surprised cause his eyes had seen beyond
His wildest dreams, He’d go on to see a thousand things
We’ll paint that number eight on the driver’s side
That’s how old I was when I gave Jesus my life
I stepped right up and got washed in the blood
Just a little kid singin’ ’bout a chariot

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