SINGLE REVIEW: Jason Aldean “Just Getting Started”

Jason Aldean‘s Old Boots, New Dirt has proven to be one of those albums I put in the player and can listen to from start to finish without getting sick of it. I think what makes this one particularly special is the way that he has really taken his music to a whole new level. Following Jason Aldean’s career has been nothing but a wild ride into watching how an artist can completely transform and become in whole, a bigger, and better artist as time goes by. Aldean has crafted not only the kind of music he wants to make, but as time went on in his career he has always strived to be the very best that an artist can possibly become whether it be in the vocals, or choosing a song suitable for him that he knows could possibly break a few records with its release.

From a career standpoint, the wild roller coaster ride Aldean is on is going to continue to get a little more intense as time goes on. After all, the debut single from Old Boots, New Dirt has already gotten this album off to a great start, “Burnin’ It Down,” was literally so hot that it burned up the charts with nearly 184,000 in its first week’s release alone, as well as being certified Platinum by the RIAA just nine weeks after its release, meaning it also became the fastest single of 2014 to break that record.

The first track on the album, “Just Getting Started” is the second release off of Old Boots, New Dirt and this one was one of the very best on the album from the first time it blared out the speakers. Got a feeling no matter what he releases off of the album may be a few record-breakers, this one in particular. This one immediately reminded me of the kind of songs that have really shaped Aldean’s career, this one being upbeat, having incredible lyrics, and the performance going to measure right up to everything the song is, if not more. This one is an anthem for anyone who’s ever wanted to or been on that hot date, you just don’t want it to end, because “it’s just gettin started.” Seems plain and simple, and a little wild and sexy ride. It is what it is, and Aldean sure knew what he was doing when this was chosen as a follow up to Burnin’ It Down, if it’s already hot, keep it going–it’s a sure-fire hit.

I knew the minute that I picked you up
It was gonna be a wild ride
You kissed me like you couldn’t get enough
Barely made it out of your drive
Burning a little rubber at the red light
Got a little warning from the blue lights
It’s only going on 9 o’clock but feels more like midnight
We ain’t even turned up the radio
Ain’t been two miles down the road
The way you look at me baby I don’t know
If we even gonna make it to the party
Yeah we gotta whole lot of moon light left
Already having the time of our lives
And we’re just getting started tonight

Looking forward to seeing where this one lands on the charts, it’s bound to break a few records, as well as whatever the next Aldean release will be. If you haven’t picked up your copy of Old Boots, New Dirt, you absolutely must. Also, be sure to catch the next leg of Jason Aldean’s 2015 Burnin’ It Down Tour where he brings Tyler Farr and Cole Swindell along to the party, as well as when Jason Aldean joins his tour up with Kenny Chesney‘s The Big Revival Tour for a few unforgettable stadium shows. Got Country Online is looking forward to catching up to the Aldean/Chesney tour when it makes a stop at Lambeau Field on Saturday, June 20, 2015.

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