SINGLE REVIEW: Jason Crabb “Love Is Stronger”



Could there be truth in the idiom ‘love makes the world go round’? Have you heard an infant cry until his mom picks up that ‘just out of reach’ toy or a young child sits alone at recess until another student invites her to jump rope?


What about a single mom receiving a donation of food for her hungry children or an elderly man’s face light up when a visitor comes to his door? With all due respect to scientists and the earth’s axis, our ‘world’ spins around love.


Listen carefully to the lyrics in Grammy award winning gospel artist Jason Crabb’s new single “Love Is Stronger” as you watch the video directed by Roman White (Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Kellie Pickler, Blake Shelton, Scotty McCreery)



The powerful images of a seriously injured soldier/husband/father returning home to the same loving family he left when he deployed and whose support never falters as he heals from his wounds. The video is dedicated to the Ashley Deramus Foundation, whose goal is to increase awareness and enlighten others about the rewards and contributions of individuals with down syndrome and special needs.


“You kept faith when you didn’t have a prayer

Found hope when it wasn’t even there

Up against the impossible you 
just wouldn’t back down

You kept fighting

That heavy cross you carried

Ain’t weighing you down any longer

Life is tough

But love is stronger”


Love Is Stronger” is currently available for download HERE via iTunes.


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