SINGLE REVIEW: Joanna Mosca “Have A Little Mercy”

Soft strumming … then a plunge into the song … just like love, it can sneak into your heart but when it does, ka-boom. Love is intoxicating and life changing. Once it has a hold, it can make or break you.

Joanna Mosca describes her just released single, “Have A Little Mercy“, from her upcoming EP, “It was important that it include material strong women could relate to, as well as songs that reflect a sense of humor and fun.”

The song was produced by New Voice Entertainment (Rich Redmond, Kurt Allison, Tully Kennedy, and David Fanning). The same team that produces Thompson Square, Kristy Lee Cook, and Parmalee – includes three of Jason Aldean’s band members (Rich, Kurt, and Tully).

“Have a little mercy

I don’t wanna want you, want you

But I do, I do

So please babe, you gotta go a little easy

Here’s my heart, but if you take it, take it, don’t break it, break it.”

Joanna will perform at the 2014 CMA Music Festival in Nashville June 5-8. Show her a little mercy 😉

Donna Block

Donna Block

I’ve been privileged to write album reviews for Got Country Online since 2012. John Berry,John Michael Montgomery, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Alan Jackson their music caught my ear, their lyrics caught my heart. Country music is my go-to, whether my day is great or not. I love to crank up old and new tunes, kick back and enjoy!

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