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Joe Bachman is keeping’ it country whether he is eloquently singing about American Heros or rockin’ his twang with release of the catchy and radio ready “Lookatchu“. Joe is still riding high on the success of “A Soldier’s Memoir (the PTSD song)“.  And while that tune is a thinking song, “Lookatchu” is modern country sung by a modern country artist. “Lookatchu” leans toward being a drinking song, a song about lust and love. It represents the lighter and more playful side of Joe’s musical strengths.


“Lookatchu, looking so good, good all good
My eyes telling my lips what I want to do
Lookatchu, so dang good-looking
My eyes telling my lips what they gonna do
I can’t help it,
I can’t help it
I can’t help it
Can’t help but Lookatchu”


The burly, tattooed Joe Bachman has the marvelous ability to switch gears seamlessly between songs that are poignant (the PTSD song), rockin’, sentimental and just plain country bar connected…like “Lookatchu“.  When you just want to sit at the bar and down a cold brew and just chill, nothing heavy, this tune will fit the bill just fine.


Joe Bachman recently signed with the Rock Ridge Music record label. He is beginning a Nationwide Mainstream Media Radio Tour in conjunction with NineNorth Records on February 4th in support of his new single “Lookatchu“.


Lookatchu”  releases worldwide on iTunes, Amazon, etc. on Tuesday, February 11th.


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