Joe Nichol’s album Crickets was released in October. Its first single “Sunny & 75” reached number one. Can he make it two in a row with the release of his second single, “YEAH?” It looks likely.


Joe has said that “YEAH,” which was written by Ashley Gorley and Bryan Simpson, was one of the first songs he cut for Crickets. The song deals with themes that we have come across before: a guy and a girl meeting in the country one night. But, instead of the guy wanting the girl to do something for him, it’s the guy who would do anything for the girl. He is so taken with her that she “is calling the shots tonight” and he will say “yeah” to everything, including liking her too fruity drinks to the “hippie” sounding song on her ipod.


YEAH” has a cool groove that is easy to settle into with clever lyrics that are perfectly delivered.


“Whatever you’re drinking, That’s what I’m drinking

Girl, you’re calling the shots tonight

Whatever you’re thinking, that’s what I’m thinking

Tell me what you got in mind

So I can say yeah, yeah

(yeah, yeah)”


The single is currently available for download HERE via Amazon and iTunes.


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