SINGLE REVIEW: Johnathan East “A Little On The Redneck Side”

I turned on Johnathan East’s Official YouTube video channel to check some of his music.  I closed my eyes. I didn’t want to be influenced by any well done and inviting video. Right from the get-go, I was tapping my heels. I loved that “A Little on the Redneck Side” started off with some praiseworthy banjo picking that kept up the pace throughout the song along with some fine violin. Johnathan has a lot of twang and good old growl which amps up the country roots feel of “A Little on the Redneck Side“.

Coming from the suburbs of Long Island, I can tell you that there are plenty of us here that are country to the bone. And the story that Johnathan East plays out with the lyrics is kind of what we all envision when we think of the partying nighttime side of country living. “A Little on the Redneck Side” is playful and easy. Good licks and a fun chorus. It isn’t a heavy song and does not require a lot of thinking. And its message is simple, enjoy living.

‘Cause I’m a fun loving, beer chugging, reckless kind that don’t take nothing

Put me down, we can sure enough step outside

I like Jim Beam and John Wayne, us good ole boys we’re all the same

With a big hell yeah and a whole lot of American pride

Just a little on the Redneck side.

Weekend comes, I ve got a steel guitar

Blaring out loud from a roadhouse bar

So put a dollar in that ole tip jar

And play another country song

We got late night women and ole pool halls

Cigar smoke and barroom brawls

And with them deer heads up on the wall

Honey, that’s what I call home.

Faded jeans and a flannel shirt

Carhartt boots caked up in dirt

Living fast and living free

Don’t give a damn what you think of me.


Johnathan’s influences include Hank Williams Jr., Johnny Cash and Charlie Daniels. He has been writing since he was about 15 years old while growing up in Clay County, Alabama. Johnathan started his own publishing company, Triple East Music and his own music company, Triple E Entertainment, LLC.


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