SINGLE REVIEW: JT Hodges “Already High”

Show-Dog Universal recording artist JT Hodges is set to release a new single, “Already High,” on June 16th.

If you aren’t already familiar with JT Hodges, he is a Texas newcomer with a unique sound which encompasses songs sung with deep feeling and emotion. With a country/rock feel to his music, it’s a safe bet to say that JT Hodges will be in it for the long run.

This one starts off with a great beat, makes you want to tap your toes, and clap your hands along with the song. “Already High”┬áis definitely a feel good love song about how no alcohol like “Johnny Red, Don Julio” or “Marlboro” cigarette can make him feel any higher than he already is on a woman’s love. Everything about this woman makes him “buzz” thinking about her, he doesn’t need a fix from anywhere else because her “blue jean curves already do the trick.” The love the two share makes him feel “intoxicated” and her “kiss and touch is the perfect drug.” The chorus of this one will have you singing along by the second listen, check it out!

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