SINGLE REVIEW: Kristian Bush “Trailer Hitch”

Kristian Bush is known to most as the cool hat-wearing male half of the superstar duo Sugarland. But he’s ready to take center stage with “Trailer Hitch,” the lead single from his upcoming solo debut Southern Gravity.
The last few years have made Bush a pretty successful guy, but in “Trailer Hitch” he’s a humble guy ready to spread his wealth around. He doesn’t want to just hold on to material things or money that hold him back from enjoying life and the people in it. After all, you can’t take anything with you when you leave this world. As he sings:

I wanna buy you a drink
Maybe one for this whole town
I may not have that much
But I don’t mind spreading it around
Everybody chasing something
I don’t know why they’re running
I take my time to the finish line
‘Cause we all end up with nothing

It’s a timely message for the more materialistic and self-centered culture that we sometimes find ourselves in. Too much time is spent pursuing things and power that are temporary, and as the song reminds us, we’ve “never seen a hearse with a trailer hitch.

Bush’s vocals are backed by a simple and catchy guitar riff followed after the first verse by mid-tempo bass and drums. This one sets a new record for only taking two seconds to get me starting my signature desk chair dance!

Trailer Hitch” is going to be a radio hit and possibly one of the most quoted songs this year with its positive “pay it forward” theme. And Kristian, if you’re buying drinks for the whole town, feel free to stop by mine anytime!

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