SINGLE REVIEW: Lee Ann Womack “The Way I’m Livin'”

It has been a long time coming . It was 2008 when we last were gifted with an album from the stunning and Grammy winning vocalist Lee Ann Womack. So get ready, September 23, she is set to release her new album The Way I’m Livin’ and now you can hear her newest single of the same name.

Lee Ann Womack accomplishes all that she intended with the single The Way I’m Livin’ (written by Adam Wright). She delivers ‘something far more radical…real…love and raw emotion.  She escapes the current trend that often leans on ‘faster, harder, louder.’ The Way I’m Livin‘, album produced by husband Frank Liddell , is unrestrained so you can hear the unique trill in her voice, the clarity and the unapologetic tenacity of a woman hell bent on living and not too
concerned with the ramifications.

There’s a raw sexiness about the woman in this song.  A certain provocativeness about this woman who is living on the edge while acknowledging that the life she’s living may not be the one on the moral path. There is a haunting, a certain strength exuded by the way Lee Ann’s notes carry the lyrics. Lee Ann and the musicians accompanying her (Matt Chamberlin, Duke Levine, Glenn Whorf, Mac McAnally, Aubrey Haney) achieve something that isn’t always the case: Lee Ann’s voice ‘served as the instrument they (the musicians) sculpted their playing in.’ The Way I’m Livin’ is about a woman who owns the process of living. Right or wrong, isn’t that we all aim to do?

I met the devil on the side of the road one day
the way that I’m livin’
lying and a sinning
and I just can’t change
oh mamma
if i ever get to heaven it’s a doggone shame
you know I’d change if I could
but being bad
it feels so good
it’s too late to rescue me
if you see the devil coming your way
get down on your knees and start to pray
oh mamma
the way that I’m livin’

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