SINGLE REVIEW: Lee Brice “I Don’t Dance”



Lee Brice is back at it again with a new single, “I Don’t Dance.” This one definitely will strike a chord in those who have ever been in love, or have experienced the power of love and what loving someone will make you do. Maybe it’s even one for those who have never been in love before and want to be. This is a song about the power of letting go of who you used to be and living in the moment, and loving every minute of it with who you are with. Love will bring you into a frame of mind of doing anything and everything for the other person, even if that means changing who you used to be because they have a grip on you, you are now encompassed in the palm of their hand. I love this song for the lyrics and the meaning behind them. Those last two lines get me every time I hear this song. It’s so romantic <3


I’ll never settle down

That’s what I always thought

Yeah I was that kind of man

Just ask anyone

I don’t dance

But here I am

Spinning you round and round in circles

It ain’t my style but I don’t care

I’d do anything with you anywhere

Yes you’ve got me in the palm of your hand

Because I don’t dance

Love’s never come my way

I’ve never been this far

Cause’ you took these two left feet

And waltzed away with my heart


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