SINGLE REVIEW: Lucy Hale “You Sound Good To Me”

lucy-hale-You Sound Good To Me


Lucy Hale is a Memphis, TN born singer and actress who is known to many as one of the stars on the television series Pretty Little Liars. She started out in 2003 as a singer on the show American Juniors where she successfully won a place in a band. The group eventually disbanded, but fast forward almost ten years and Lucy Hale is ready to release her first single to country radio.


Her debut single, “You Sound Good To Me,” was written by Luke Laird, Ashley Gorley and Hillary Lindsay. The radio-friendly tune will hook you from the first notes of the twangy fiddle introduction. The song has a catchy, breezy melody and lyrics that are perfectly conveyed by her strong vocals. “You Sound Good To Me” is a fun, up tempo sing along. It’s about when you first meet someone and want to know everything about them, and how what they say sounds almost perfect, like “an old song on the radio” or “an amen from the back of the choir”


“The full moon is shining like a spotlight

I could just sit and listen to you talking all night

When you whisper, yea baby when you lean in

I get a crazy, crazy good kind of feeling

It’s like amen from the back of the choir

The sweet hum of freedom underneath the tires

Kick back sitting by a cracking fire strumming them guitar strings

Like an old song on the radio that you grew up to and everybody knows

Rushing of the water when the river rolls

Winding, wild and free

Baby you sound good to me”


The song is available HERE via iTunes and Amazon.


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