SINGLE REVIEW: Maggie Rose “Girl In Your Truck Song”

Maggie Rose’s much-anticipated new single, “Girl in Your Truck Song”, was released on July 10th. Upon hearing of the new single people had mixed reactions as its title is noticeably similar to “Girl In A Country Song” which is the soon to be released Maddie & Tae single.

Girl In A Country Song” takes aim at “bro country” and even calls some songs out specifically. It has received strong reactions from other artists as well as country music fans. While most seem to be taking it as light-hearted fun, some are taking offense to what they view as an attack on country music.

With the similar titles many were prepared for another controversial song, and some even had their boxing gloves ready. “Girl In A Truck” song does follow a similar lyrical pattern and references many “bro country” songs making references to “Cruise,” “Get Your Shine On,” “Chillin It,” “Tattoos on this Town,” “Take a Little Ride,” “That’s My Kind of Night,” “Mud on the Tires” and “Boys ‘Round Here.” But that’s where the similarities end.

While many were anticipating a twist and another anti “bro country” view Maggie Rose takes the opposite approach and not only does she not take a hit but instead offers to be the girl in the listeners truck. Making a bold statement that not everyone has a problem with the way females are being portrayed in the current hit songs.

The lyrics alone will grab the listener’s attention, especially with the “bro country” sub-genre getting so much attention right now, but “Girl In A Truck Song” goes well beyond that. Maggie has continually displayed her outstanding voice, and this single is no different. The arrangement is fantastic and really helps display her vocal talent all while providing a fun and catchy new hit.

The single is currently available HERE for download via iTunes.

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